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  • Fact Families, Chalk Pastels and Expanded Noun Phrases!

    Published 12/10/18, by Scarlett Everett

    We have been super busy this week and our brains have definitely been expanding!!

    In Art we have been experimenting with different chalk pastel techniques such as blending, dotting, dashing, smudging and cross-hatching. We have used these techniques and our skills from last week's portrait lesson to make Picasso and Matisse inspired self-portraits where we didn't need to use the proper colours of our faces and hair but could use whichever colours we liked! The results look pretty interesting and have encouraged the children to look at art in a new light!

    I don't want to post any photos yet as we would like you to see our art journey when you come in to see our work on the Tuesday after half-term! P.S: I'm sorry for the slight mess we made today...!

                                                        Image result for chalk pastel techniques

    In Maths this week, we have been focusing on 'fact families' - these are three numbers that are a 'family' because together they make two addition and two subtraction number sentences and help us see how numbers can be made up. We were solving problems with them, like spotting the wrong fact, filling in missing numbers and explaining why an answer was right or wrong.

                                                                    Image result for fact families  

    In English we have been looking at expanded noun phrases. These are phrases that use two or more adjectives to describe a noun. For example, we came up with: The bright, hot sun beamed down on Zahra. We are still getting used to writing these (especially remembering the comma!) and thinking about which words are nouns, adjectives and verbs. Why not ask the children to see if they can spot any nouns, adjectives or verbs in their books when they are reading? The secret word is: tempo


    Thank you for all your donations this week for Young Minds on World Mental Health Awareness Day and for Harvest too - we are always so grateful for anything you can give to support charities and encourage kindness and thoughtfulness.

    As ever, have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday for our last three days of this half-term! My goodness it's flown by!

    Miss Everett




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  • Portraits Galore!

    Published 05/10/18, by Scarlett Everett

    Firstly, I would like to apologise for not posting a blog in the past two weeks as some of the teachers have been having trouble with their admin side of their blogs!

    I really hope you all enjoyed coming in to see how well the children had done in their History topic last week and we have now started our new topic - Portraits and Self-Portraits.

    I was so impressed by the children's art homework- we have some very talented artists in the class! We spent the beginning of the week looking at famous portraits and self-portraits by some famous artists, both old and new. We appraised them, saying how they made us feel, what we could spot in them, what colours they could see and whether we thought it was old or modern.

    Image result for mona lisaImage result for frida kahloImage result for vincent van goghImage result for picasso

    We spent today drawing our faces as accurately as possible. Did you know our eyes are in the middle of our faces? Did you know our ears start where our eyes begin and end where our nose ends? I was really proud of the children trying something they hadn't done before and really giving it a go! The end results were great and we will be using these techniques next week to help us experiment with paints, brush strokes and colours.


    In English, we have finished writing our stories about Traction Man and his adventures in our classroom (like Zip-lining across the deadly classroom to save Scrubbing Brush from the Evil Pegs who will nip him - which is the picture at the top of the blog!). We have now started looking at a story in an unfamiliar setting called Zahra which is a short film set in Africa. We spent the week exploring what we liked and disliked about it, what puzzled us about it and what other stories or other things it reminded us of. We have sequenced the story, thinking about how Zahra feels in each part and we have thought about what she is like as a character, exploring both the way she looks and her personality, making sure we are using evidence from the film to back up our answers. The secret word is Leonardo Da Vinci.


    In Maths we have been exploring using the greater than, less than and equal to signs to compare numbers, we have solved problems involving ordering them and also involving counting backwards and forwards in 2s, 5s and 10s. Today we solved different place value problems around the classroom to crack a secret code and show off what we have learned so far! We will be starting addition and subtraction next week.

    I know the children are all looking forward to the disco next Wednesday and we are also celebrating Harvest in school. 

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Miss Everett




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