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  • Year 2 Continue to Shine!

    Published 21/03/18, by Bradley Young

    Year 2 pupils preparing well for their Class Assembly!

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  • Africa!

    Published 14/01/18, by Karen Newman

    The continent of AFRICA 

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  • It's a Puppet!

    Published 20/11/17, by Karen Newman

    It's a Puppet!

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  • New Blog Post

    Published 04/11/17, by Karen Newman

    Incarnation Week

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  • New Blog Post

    Published 13/10/17, by Karen Newman


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  • New Blog Post

    Published 03/10/17, by Karen Newman

    Materials Monsters

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  • Happy New Year 2

    Published 14/09/17, by Karen Newman

    Happy New Year 2

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  • The final chapter

    Published 21/07/17, by Karen Newman

    Miss Studley has 'tyred' us out (tired zzzzzzz)

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  • Ready steady Go!

    Published 14/07/17, by Karen Newman

    Great team work as Kingfishers triumph on Sports Day. 

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  • Through the keyhole

    Published 07/07/17, by Karen Newman

    Let your imaginations run wild!

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  • wish you were here

    Published 30/06/17, by Karen Newman

    Business as usual.

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  • Titanic activities make a splash!

    Published 23/06/17, by Karen Newman

    Attention! Captain's coming....

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