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  • Growth Mindset and Academic Resilience

    Published 13/07/17

    Year 6 children turn movie stars to create a short film about resilience and growth mindset.

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  • Reports are here!

    Published 11/07/17

    Reports are sent home for parents to see!

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  • Super Singing!

    Published 06/07/17

    Year 1s and 2s went to the King's Centre for a singing workshop.

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  • Whitwell, Weather and Water

    Published 29/06/17

    Whitwell Hall provides a fantastic experience for the whole Year 6 team again.

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  • Year 6 at Pleasurewood Hills

    Published 20/06/17

    Year 6 spend the day at Pleasurewood Hills.

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  • Food Kitchen Replenished

    Published 26/05/17

    Food donations take our breath away!

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  • A Message to the Year 6 Pupils

    Published 04/05/17

    Year 6 - You've got Mail!

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  • Holy Trinity and Values Mural

    Published 28/04/17

    Sunny and Pea leave a Holy Trinity legacy at Homefield

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  • Generations' Project Reward

    Published 27/04/17

    Generations' Project comes to a close at the Norfolk Children's Book Centre

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  • Easter Refurbishments

    Published 13/04/17

    Lots of renovations take place in school during the Easter break.

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  • Generations' Project 

    Published 31/03/17

    The Generations' Project culminates in Outdoor Education 

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  • EYFS Easter Decoration Day & Bonnet Parade

    Published 31/03/17

    Early Years show how creative they can be for Easter!

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