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  • Courageous Advocacy

    Published 10/12/18

    Nursery pupils lead the way in our school's eco-drive to reduce plastic pollution.

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  • PTA Christmas Fayre 2018

    Published 03/12/18

    Final Total is here from the Christmas Fayre 2018!

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  • Ofsted Letter to Parents - Together

    Published 21/11/18

    Ofsted Letter and Guide to Parents - Together

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  • Core Curriculum Expectations' Booklets for Parents

    Published 06/11/18

    Core Curriculum Expectations for each year group.

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  • Remembrance Event Invitation

    Published 31/10/18

    Remembrance Event Thursday 8th November 2018

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  • New School Improvement Plan

    Published 05/10/18

    School Improvement and Development Plan coming home today!

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  • Autumn Clubs' Booklet

    Published 10/09/18

    Clubs' Booklet Available!

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  • Bake Off Tasting

    Published 22/07/18

    Headteachers all join together to ensure tastiest top three!

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  • KS1 & KS2 Sports' Day Record Holders 2018

    Published 16/07/18

    Sports' Day Record Holders published for field events.

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  • Caring Crusaders receive National Diana Award

    Published 12/07/18

    Proud moment for Homefield, as National Diana Award presented in Birmingham!

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  • Whole School Read, Share and Review

    Published 20/06/18

    Big thank you to all parents for coming in to share in our pupil-led event RSR Day!

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  • Ukulele Power

    Published 11/06/18

    Ukulele Club enthral during Collective Worship.

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