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At Homefield we have adopted The Learning Challenge Curriculum. This is an enquiry based curriculum, meaning that children will be encouraged to develop key skills in order to further their own learning and understanding. Your child will look at a number of big questions through the year and, together with the class, design a learning journey that will lead them to the answers. We are regularly evolving our curriculum in order to keep it current and inviting to our pupils.

English and Maths are taught separately to ensure that there is sufficient focus in all year groups. We do recognise that not all subjects can be taught in this way and we now teach many subjects in blocks. We feel that stronger pupil progress can be achieved by fully immersing our pupils into the curriculum areas for longer periods of time rather than revisit a subject once a week. Better links can then then be made between subjects. For some foundation subjects, we still teach discreet weekly lessons as this may be dependent on specialists teaching them. 

Each class teacher delivers English and Maths in daily, whole class sessions. These sessions cater for the variety of needs within the class. All classes have access to a teaching assistant during these sessions, who can be used to support lower ability children and push the higher achievers. Every class in the school delivers their English and Maths at the same time in the day, including sessions for guided reading and phonics. Since October, we have been alternating English and Maths beginning each day on a weekly basis. 

During each academic year we work hard to review and improve upon the curriculum provision we offer. As a result, we were awarded the School Sports Silver Award and the Religious Education Silver Quality Mark. We were thrilled that our exciting curriculum was recognised by these organisations and we will now be pushing to try and achieve other Quality Marks available, such as Science and Gold in RE!

Using the links below you can see the key objectives that your child will be covering in each subject area. Further information can be requested from your child's class teacher.