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Please scroll to the bottom of the page to see the financial breakdown for our Sports' Premium Funding and to see the record for our Year 6 swimmers. 

Sep 2018 - July 2019

Our PE Premium projects and their expected impact:

Extension of Pastoral Support

With a proportion of the additional funding, we aim to increase our Pastoral Support time, so as to cover the entire week and improve support for our pupils' well-being.


  • Improved pupil well-being.

  • Ability to ensure school pastoral support is at its strongest.


  • Children show a stronger resilience and determination to succeed at tasks they are undertaking, as well as showing more effective coping mechanisms through challenge or difficulty. 

Extended Swimming Sessions

We have decided to begin our swimming sessions from the beginning of the year instead of from the Spring term, thus increasing the number of sessions available to our Junior pupils. We have also decided to offer swimming sessions to our Year 2 pupils, when they are a little older in the Summer term.


  • Increased fitness and well-being of pupils.

  • Improvement in confidence in and around water and an increase in the number of pupils who can self-rescue.

  • Stronger distance swimmers.

  • Further opportunities to shine for our pupils. 


  • Children are more confident in and around water and are able to challenge themselves to exceed their previous personal bests for distance.


Development of Aspirations and Careers

Children will be given access to specific employment industries, with some being in sports, to learn the finer details of and qualifications necessary to obtain a career in that field. Pupils will be surveyed to identify the careers they are interested in. 



  • Children will have their aspirations raised.

  • Pupils will identify the skills and qualifications needed for a specific career path they are interested in.

  • Increased engagement with school and learning.


  • Children are more aware of the opportunities for employment around them and able to plan their future academic or vocational paths in advance. 


After-School Clubs
Go Geronimo will be providing weekly after school clubs for children in all Key Stages. These clubs will be heavily subsidised by the PE Premium money and be offered to children at a maximum cost of 50p per session.


  • Access to high quality sporting experiences.

  • Access to sports not available within the curriculum.

  • Increased engagement in sporting activities.

  • Access to high quality sports' coaching.


  • Children are engaging in further opportunities provided by the school to develop the social and physical abilities. 


PE Gold Sportsmark

Aim to achieve the next level of Sportsmark after we were successful in achieving the Silver standard. PE Coordinator and PE support staff to research the requirements for this achievement and to ensure the school meets them securely. (With the increase in funding, we may have stronger opportunity to achieve this).


  • External acknowledgement and quality assurance that the school is providing a high standard of PE.

  • Stronger links with the feeder High Schools in passing up pupils highly skilled in sport. 


  • Depending on a successful application, the school is to be recognised for the fabulous sporting provision it provides to all its pupils. 


Enrichment Days
Go Geronimo and school staff will be providing an enrichment day each half term. These days will allow every child in the school to try their hand at a new sport free of charge. The children are then given linked routes for each sport to a local club, if their interests are stimulated by the taster sessions.


  • Access to high quality sporting experiences.

  • Access to sports not available within the curriculum.

  • Increased engagement in sporting activities.

  • Increased involvement in local sports' clubs.

  • More children participating in the Homefield University Graduation Scheme.


  • All pupils get to experience less common sports, which generate interest and opportunity towards something new and stimulate interests in future pursuits. 


Play Maker/Playground Young Leader Training

Our Year 5 children will be working with school staff and Go Geronimo coaches to complete Playground Young Leader/Play Maker Training. This will enable them to run sports activities at play times and lunch times and help other children keep active.



  • Increased responsibility within a sporting context will develop leadership skills.

  • Improved communication.

  • Increased engagement in sporting activities.

  • Increased confidence levels.


  • Pupils lead games effectively with others and set fine examples of responsibility.


Staff CPD Training

NPETCs qualified staff to support teachers develop their skills in areas where confidence is lacking. HLTA to support the running of after-school clubs also, particularly Tag-Rugby. 



  • Improved quality of teaching.

  • Increased involvement in sporting activities outside of the classroom.


  • Staff have improved sports' knowledge to provide a stronger PE provision to our pupils.


Football Coaching

A qualified football coach from Go Geronimo will be working with our Girls' team and Years 3 & 4 boys' team to develop their footballing talents. School staff will continue to work with the older boys' team from Years 5 & 6. The new coach will be responsible for entering the teams in to local leagues and completing all administrative tasks.



  • Access to high quality sporting experiences.

  • Increased engagement in sporting activities.

  • Increased community involvement.

  • Exposure to appropriate levels of competition.

  • Increased appreciation for the values of perseverance and resilience.


  • Pupils are keen on football and keen to represent the school competitively against other nearby schools. 


Gymnastics Coaching and Teacher Training

Donald Carr (professional gymnastics coach) has been employed by the school to deliver high quality gymnastics sessions throughout the year to all year groups. Class teachers will work alongside him to learn new skills and improve the teaching of gym. This has been extended to incorporate an after-school club for the whole school. 



  • Improved gymnastics teaching.

  • Opportunities for staff to improve their knowledge of the subject.

  • Entry in to gymnastics competitions for KS1 and KS2.

  • Further opportunities to shine for pupils in an extra-curricular way. 

  • Improved fitness and well-being levels for pupils.


  • Children are more aware of the need to be physically fit and show an enthusiasm to participate in activity that develops core strength and gross motor skills. 


This year we have approximately £17,840 spend on the above projects. (This was due to the Government doubling the allocation to schools)

The Please look at the attachment below or ask at the School Office for a breakdown of costs for the above projects.


Sep 2017 - July 2018

Completed projects:

  • Go Geronimo provided sports' coaching for after-school clubs.

  • Go Geronimo also provided enrichment sessions for the whole school, linking one to the World Cup, with inflatable football. 

  • Swimming lessons for all Junior children. 

  • School participated into many sporting competitions against other schools. In Netball, Football, Gymnastics, Indoor Sportshall and Cross-Country.

  • Gymnastics coaching from a British level coach for the whole school, as well as CPD for the staff. 

  • Purchased better resources.


  • Gymnastics skills of school pupils hugely improved, seen with the school winning a competition against other school in one year group and coming runner-up in another. 

  • Stronger resources provided pupils with the opportunities to enhance their skills in many sports.

  • Swimming ability of pupils increased, seen by the number of certificates being achieved at increased distances and the number of pupils being able to swim for 25 metres unaided in Year 6. 

  • Lunchtime games organised by MSAs and Caring Crusaders increased sporting outlets available, reduced behavioural incidents and developed leadership qualities of our eldest pupils.

  • Enrichment opportunities enabled pupils to experience new sports, which encouraged their interests for new sporting ventures. 

  • Wider range of competition entries enabled pupils, who had never represented the school before to have that opportunity. 


SEP 2016 - July 2017

Completed projects:

  • Gymnastics Coaching across the whole school and CPD for staff.

  • East Coast Community Healthcare provided sports coaching in after-school clubs furthering our ability to provide opportunities to shine.

  • East Coast Community Healthcare provided Enrichment Sessions for the whole school in more obscure sports, such as Taekwondo and American Football.

  • Semi-professional Cricket coaching for Years 5 & 6.

  • Swimming Sessions for all Junior children in KS2.

  • School entered into array of competitions and competitive leagues in Football and Netball.


  • Gymnastics skills of the children augmented, with the pupils participating in Inter-Schools Gymnastics competition and further skills enhancement provided for teachers.

  • Swimming instruction increased the confidence of all non-swimmers and the competency level of more able swimmers.

  • Lunchtime games organised by MSAs and Caring Crusaders increased sporting outlets available, reduced behavioural incidents and developed leadership qualities of our eldest pupils.

  • Enrichment opportunities enabled pupils to experience new sports, which encouraged their interests for new sporting ventures. 


SEP 2015 - JULY 2016

Completed Projects:

  • Gymnastics Coaching across the whole school.

  • Football Coaching across all the Junior children.

  • East Coast Community Healthcare used Homefield as a Community Hub for sports clubs during the holidays.

  • East Coast Community Healthcare also provided CPD training for our MSAs.

  • East Coast Community Healthcare and Staff held After-School Clubs increasing our school's level of sporting provision.

  • Playmaker Award Scheme offered to Year 5/6 pupils.


  • Gymnastics skills of the children were much improved, recognised by the school being triumphant in an Inter-Schools Gymnastic competition. 

  • Lunchtime games led and delivered to a more engaging standard by our MSAs after receiving training.

  • Enrichment opportunities provided Homefield's children with a wider range of sports, such as Fencing, Dance and Jujitsu.

  • Playmaker Award Scheme gave Years 5/6 children opportunities to develop leadership qualities, confidence and sports coaching abilities. 

  • Wider Community continued to develop their passion for sports through the school holiday clubs.

  • Achieved Silver Award in PE Sportsmark Scheme.