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C of E Primary School

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The photo shows the year 6 girls' cross country team, at the start of the race.

This week in year 6 we have been extending our learning even more.  In maths we have been working on percentages and thinking about strategies that can help us calculate the answer.  For example, what is 15% of £240? 

We would work out what 10% is (by dividing £240 by 10) which is £24, then halve this amount to find 5% (which is £12) and add them together £24 + £12 = £36.  

So 15% of £240 is £36.  Why not try a few of these with your children?

In literacy we have been considering 'flashbacks' and how we can write about them.  We watched a thought provoking film called The Piano by Aidan Gibbons (you can find it on You Tube if you would like to watch it) which has been the basis of our writing.

In P.E. the class have been designing their own aerobic routines, which means they've been working really hard!  However, the music is helping to keep motivation levels high!  A team from year 6 also represented Homefield at the Cross Country competition at Fritton and did us proud, by maintaining a really positive attitude despite the freezing conditions.  A special well done must go to Lizzie and Ryan who both qualified for the next round, which will be held at Greshams School in Holt.

House teams are continuing to work on their House Shout songs.  Ask your children what they are going to perform and see if they need a hand to learn their words.