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We've been thinking about where the water we drink comes from.

We're approaching half term in year 6, but the pace of our learning has not dropped.

We've spent some time thinking about water; where it comes from, how it turns from puddles and lakes into clouds and rain, and the impact of global warming.  Ask your children to describe to you how evaporation works (including what happens to the molecules when water changes state from a liquid to a gas) and see how much they can tell you. We even enjoyed turning ourselves into a group of molecules in class, and acting out what happens to those molecules when matter changes from a solid to a liquid and to a gas.

As a class, we have also spent more time working on our reading comprehension skills.  The more your child reads, and you ask them about their reading, the more these skills will improve.

A pack of revision materials will be coming home with your child this half term.  This will help them to prepare for their SATs which are approaching, and should also give you parents an idea of the layout and standard of the questions that they will be answering.  Please spend some time looking through them with your child so you are able to support them effectively, and do not hesitate to speak to Miss Battle if you have any questions or queries.

Have a fabulous half term, and come back refreshed and ready!