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It's like we've never been away!

Welcome back!

The children have come back from the summer holidays brilliantly and settled into year 6 life in no time at all. It has been lovely having my first class back!

Children went home with lots of letters in their bags on Friday. Amongst all the paper was their secondary school application forms. I would strongly urge you to take your child to the open evenings on offer from the local secondary schools, this will help you make the most informed decision on what is the best choice for your child.

Attached at the bottom of the blog is the Year 6 Autumn term curriculum overview - what we will be studying this term. Our first class read of the year is: There's a boy in the girls's bathroom. The children are loving it so far; we are using the book to help us with our diary entries in English. 

 Our first topic this year is the Ancient Maya. An Ancient Maya knowledge organiser also went home along with a letter to explain its purpose.

Gymnastics with Mr Carr started on Monday, the children loved learning how they can improve their flexibility. Now we are back in the swing of things it is vital that children have a full P.E kits at the ready. Ideally every child should have a full P.E in school at all times. Please ensure their P.E kit is named.

I would like to say thank you for spending the time (and money) ensuring that your child had a pencil ready for their first morning; they were all very excited to use their new stationary and proudly displayed them on their desk. The purpose behind the children having their own pencil case is to help them to become more responsible for their own equipment, a skill they will need to master before secondary school. 

Walking home alone is a year 6 privilege. If you are happy for your child to walk home unaccompanied I need a signed letter of permission, stating what days (where possible) they are allowed to leave he school site without an adult.

All children should now have their own Homework Diary. It is similar to one they will use at secondary school. Every Friday morning Mrs Parker and I will check to see that their diary has been signed (once) by a grown up over the course of the week. If they have failed to have it signed, they will miss 10 minutes of their Friday morning break. We are hoping to instil good habits before this time next year.

If you have any questions, please not hesitate to ask.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Battle, Mrs Parker and Mrs Duffield.