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The pupils of year 6 have been as busy as ever this week. 

We were sad to finish our Science topic - light, however we have thoroughly enjoyed our first taste of our new topic 'The Ancient Maya'. So far we have learnt about where in the world the Maya civilisation existed and about their many gods. We focused on the five main gods: Itzamna, one of the creator gods; Ix Chel, Itzmna's wife and goddess of child birth, healing and the moon; Maize God, whose head sprouted an ear of maize; Chac, who controlled the weather; and finally Kimi, the god of death. 

In maths our big focus is still the four operations. We are particulary focusing on division this week. Some of us have found division a little challenging because we are still not secure with our Times Tables knowledge. Get practising at home year 6! Remember to use Hit the Button.

We are delighted to saying we won Super Star Readers again this week, with an impressive 87% of the class having read at least 5 times at home this week. However, our target is to reach the ultimate goal of 100% by the end of October. We can do this!

We are still loving gymnastics on a Tuesday morning and are very sad that it is ending at the end of half term. Mr Carr has once again been a brilliant teacher and we have all made brilliant progress and had great fun. 

One of our main events this week was our slam poetry competition. We have been working hard on our poems along the theme of ' Want do you want to be?' for almost 2 weeks and they were finally ready to perform on Tuesday. Lots of us felt confident enough to stand up and perform. The standard was incedibly high and Mr Young, Mrs Parker and Miss Battle had a very hard time judging the 5 rounds. The final was tough, but we all decided the slam poetry champion was Alexie. 


Please don't forget to sign up for parents next week!

Have a brilliant weekend. From Miss Battle and Mrs Parker