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Chinese flutes are amazing

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This week in year 6 the children have been wonderfully engaged in all of their learning, which has been amazing.

This week in maths we have successfully tackled the world of angles (not angels). We now know all the different types of angles, how to measure them using a 180° protractor, how to calculate missing angles and finally, how to calculate unknown angles in triangles and quadrilaterals. Quite the achievement!

In English we have been primarily focusing on SPaG and reading in the run up to SATs. The children started the week by marking a SPaG that I had completed; they took great joy in correcting some of my mistakes. During the lesson I overheard some brilliant conversations that showed very competent understanding, resulting in the adults in the room feeling very proud of the class. We have made huge progress in identifying and defining word classes (yay!) and have worked hard on improving our inference skills.

On Monday we finished our Art topic of printing, inspired by William Morris. All the children were incredibly please with their finished screen and block printed canvas bag. Please see the photos at the bottom of the blog. 

On Tuesday we moved on to RE. Our big question is: what does the resurrection mean to Christians? So far this week we have mapped the ‘big story’ of the Bible and focused the Holy week in the lead up to Easter Sunday: the resurrection. We ended the week by studying Luke, chapter 24. The children really engaged with text, asking very deep and meaningful questions that really challenged the adults. Furthermore, it gave us a chance to put our improved inference skills into practise.

The highlight of our week has to be our tip to Lynn Grove to watch The Grand Union Orchestra – they were incredible! The whole class was left spellbound by their musical talents. We were taken on a magical musical trip around the world: we were exposed to different sounds and weird and wonderful instruments. My personal favourite was the Chinese flute.


Some parents have been asking for past SATs papers. Attached at the bottom of the blog are links to past papers. There is no pressure to do them, but it would be great for your children to be able to share some of their learning with you. If they can explain it, they understand it.

We are still having a massive push with reading as this is the area that, as a class, we are still struggling with. The children especially find the vocabulary questions challenging.


Next week we have lots to look forward to: watching the year 3 and 4 dress rehearsal, the Easter bonnet parade, delivering Easer cards and our non-school uniform day (a treat from winning the attendance award last half term).

Speaking of attendance, it is neck and neck between years 1 and 6 this half term. Year 6, we NEED to have good attendance next week. How great would it to win two half terms in a row?!

The children (and adults) are definitely starting to feel tired as we approach the end of the term so I hope you all have a restful weekend and manage to enjoy the sunshine.

Miss Battle

Maths past papers:

SPaG past papers:

Reading past papers: