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What a week we have had in Year 6; the children have been incredible!


The week began with a very exciting trip to Ormiston where year 10 pupils led a workshop using virtual reality. Our first adventure was to the depths of the ocean which linked perfectly to the research we had been doing for our non-chronological reports in English. We were also lucky enough to experience volcanos erupting and visited the Grand Cannon. A special thanks must go to Mr Cooper for organising the joint event.

 In maths this week the children have become order of operation experts. They have thoroughly enjoyed learning to solve complex equations involving BIDMAS. If you’ve not sure what BIDMAS is ask your children, I’m confident they would love the chance to explain it to you.

In English the children have mastered how to write in the passive voice and how to appropriately use formal language. All of the children appear to be enthused about the subject of our non-chronological reports - plastic in our oceans. After only two lessons of writing I am so impressed with what the children have produced and am excited to see the end product next week.

The children have made amazing progress in Science over the past two weeks. Their new knowledge of light and how we see is unbelievable. Their retention of scientific language has blown me away. Next week in science we move onto electricity.

In PE this week the children have completed a bleep test in their indoor session and a tough cross country course in their outside session. The vast majority of children tried their very best and showed tremendous tenacity. It was also lovely to see the children encourage and support one another during the tough challenges encapsulating our Homefield Christian vision.

Have a wonderful weekend,


Miss B