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C of E Primary School

Build that jenga tower up

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During our collective worships this week we have been thinking about encouraging others; building each other up instead of pulling one another down. We realised how easy it is to give encouragement and the positive impact it can have on the recipient. I am very proud to say that the children have reflected of this and I have seen many examples of the class encouraging one another. 

Remember children we are a family that cares for, value and encourages all.


In maths this week we have been focusing on addition and subtraction. We have recapped some of our learning from year 5 and progressed onto solving some multi step questions and using the inverse to check our answers. Next week we are moving onto multiplication and division. 


This week we the children have amazed us with the progress they have made in their English lessons. At the beginning of the week they were all unable to identify whether a sentence was written in the active or the passive voice.... well, what a change! All children can now successfully identify the subject, object and verb in a sentence and can therefore determined what voice the sentence is written in. Why not ask them all about, I bet you'll be impressed!


On Monday we started our geography topic: The World. We have started our learning by looking at latitude and longitude; the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn and the Northern and the Southern Hemisphere. The children wowed me with their enthusiasm for the subject and I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching the lessons. 


At the end of each week, the children will bring home spelling homework, featuring the spellings we have been looking at over the week (our focus and 4 revision words from the statutory Y5/6 word list). Nothing needs to be brought back into school or handed in, but there will be a spelling test on these words on Mondays. We are encouraging the children to use a variety of strategies to help them learn and practise spellings and hope you will do the same at home. I have attached a sheet of spelling strategies children may wish to try.