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C of E Primary School

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Also available on Google Classroom 


Attached below are two documents: Reason and  Arithmetic. I would like you to spend 10 minutes on each document (10 minutes on reasoning and 10 minutes on arithmetic). If you do not finish, don't panic! Look through each document before you start and pick out the questions you can do. Don't sit there for 10 minutes struggling on the first question - move on! You do not need to print the sheets, just write your answers on a piece of paper. 

Additionally, I would like you to spend some time on Times Tables Rockstars. The expectation is that everybody has a Studio Score when we return after half term. 

You were all given your TTRS login in details several weeks ago, however if you have misplaced them please message me via Google Classroom (or get you grownups to send me an email) and I will send them to you. 


Last week we spent some time learning about Harriet Tubman. 

Over half term I would like you to write a biography all about her and her courageous acts.  Attached below are some resources to help you. You can present your work digitally or it can be handwritten. 

I expect you to spend around an hour on this task.


Have a wonderful half term. Be safe and enjoy your well deserved rest x