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A Tchoukball taster, tremendous writing and tenacity with percentages 

We have had a super week in class.


In English the children have blown me away with their effort and enthusiasm. We have been writing a recount from the perspective of Olive – the main character from our class novel, Letters from the Lighthouse. The story is set in WW2 and tells the tale of evacuees and refugees seeking safety from Nazi Germany. During our ‘experience days’ the children have been fascinated when learning about the Kinder transport and Kristallnacht (the night of broken glass) and this has been reflected in their writing.

In Maths we have started to recap our previous learning on percentages. This week we have been finding percentages of amounts. We have spent time recapping how to divide by 10 and 100 to help us find 10% and 1%. Lots of children felt apprehensive about percentages as they have previously found it tricky, but I’m pleased to stay we tackled it with a growth mind-set and as a class we have made lots of progress.

In Science we finished our topic off by learning about the dangers of smoking. The children couldn’t believe that there were over 4,000 chemicals in 1 cigarette! The children produced posters designed to deter people from smoking, they were filled with interesting facts. I’m sure if you asked your child about it, you’d be amazed by what they know.

On Thursday we had a Tchoukball taster session lead by Mark from Go Geronimo.  Those who got involved and gave it their best shot really enjoyed it. Lots of children said they’d be interested in the new Tchoukball club that will be held after school on a Thursday for Y6 children. Sign up information will be available next week so keep your eyes peeled.

Unfortunately, this week only 6 children read 5 times in a week. We couldn’t help but feel disappointed by this result. It is vitally important that children are reading at home. In school we are trying our best to inspire a love for reading. At school, we help the children to make informed choices about what book they select to read and aim to provide them with high quality texts. I read to the children for at least half an hour everyday which they seem to really enjoy. If the passion for reading could continue at home that would be marvellous. Mr Young has set us a target of 10 next week. I’d be over the moon if we could achieve this as we were to only class this week who didn’t get in to double figures.

Finally, this year we are offering the children a chance to buy a Homefield Leavers Hoodie. The design of which was chosen by the children. The school logo on the front of the hoodie is embroidered. We have created an online shop with the School Leavers Company. Adults can visit the website ( )and using the login in details below, access the online shop to buy a hoodie. All sales are dealt with directly by the company. As a school we do not profit from the sales and will not be accepting payment for them in school. The only way to purchase a hoodie is via The Leavers Company website.

Login details are as follows:




PASSWORD: 54720hps

I hope you all enjoy the long weekend! We will see you on Tuesday, when we are starting our local history topic, learning all about the incredible Edith Cavell.


Miss Battle and Miss Thompson.