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C of E Primary School

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Year 6 have made the most fantasic start to the year!

After sharing all our exciting Christmas holiday news, we have hit the ground running. 

The children were exposed to the new writing assessment framework on Thursday, mainly because I wanted them to realise how much they had achieved already in year 6, and what their next target is to be. I was little apprehensive about sharing it them, but they thoroughly embraced the challenge and were able to feel proud about how far they had already come.

This term in English our focus is writing to entertain. We will be studying the Highwayman poem and descriptive writing for the first part of the half term.

Yesterday the Reading World Cup took place in year 6 to decide our class read for this half term. Up until this point I have always chosen the class book, but I feel it is important to hand the power over to the children… sometimes! The children had a pack of front covers and the blurbs of 16 brilliant books, so they could make an informed decision. After a lot of discussion, it was a tightly fought battle in the final between ‘All the things that could go wrong’ by Stewart Foster and ‘The Explorer’ by Katherine Rundell, but the ‘The Explorer’ was victorious.

Whilst we are talking about reading, our Superstar Readers percentage this week was at an all time low, with only 32% (10 children) having read 5 or more times over the two week Christmas holiday. I know home lives can be very busy, but it is VITAL that the children are reading. I acknowledge that year 6 children will often read alone, but this still needs to be written in their reading diary and signed by an adult. They don’t always have to read their school reading book, it could be a magazine article, an online blog, a recipe or reading to a younger sibling. The more text types they are exposed to the better! We started the year by being the highest scoring class in school. In the first half term we had over 80% of the class reading three weeks in a row, let’s get back to that. Come on year 6, we can do it!

In Maths we have stared the term off by studying coordinates. The rest of this half term we will be focusing on: decimals, percentages and algebra. Exciting stuff!

The Maths booster letters went out yesterday and I have already had lots of slips back, thankyou. For those children who have not yet handed slips in there are spare letters in the going home tray and I will attach the letter at the end of this post.

We have ended our short, but very productive, week with an afternoon of kurling. The children all seemed to enjoy the new experience and some of them were incredibly skilled at it.

On the 15th January is our mock SATs week. The reason we have mock SATs is to learn what the children have mastered this year already and areas that we still need to improve upon. It is also their first real experince of exam practise, and a oppertuniy to implement all the exam techniques we have slowly been working on. Furthermore, it also allows the children to realise that SATs really  aren't that bad, just four mornings of a week where they get to show off how brilliant they are. I will do a question level analysis of all the papers the children sit (reading, SPaG, arithmetic and two reasoning papers) and these will be handed out at parents evening at the end of the half term. Hopefully these will allow grownups to see where their children need support and we can work together to ensure every child reaches their potential.

The children have made me very proud these last two days, with their positive attitude towards challenge, so well done year 6 for having such a tremendous start to the new year.