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C of E Primary School

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First week in a heatwave but we all survived.

Welcome back to all the children and parents. We have had a truly lovely week, despite the soaring temperatures in the classroom. 

It is so lovely to be back and this time we are hopeful we will get a full year with no further lock-downs to interrupt our flow. It is special to have this class of children because our Year 4 together was cut short, and they have certainly got off to a flying start. 

Our lessons have already produced some super work, and we have started to create a positive learning environment for all learners. It has been a few years since I have taught Year 6 and I had forgotten what a brilliant year group it is to teach!

Thank you if you are already in a good routine of supporting your child's love of reading by signing their diary at least 5 times per week. The children are enthused by a love of reading, and it would be great if this was something you can continue to encourage at home. We are reading a class novel called 'The Nowhere Emporium'. They did some work on it in their English lessons in Year 5 but never read the whole book. I hope they love it as it comes highly recommended for this age group. 

In English, we are reading a Year 6 appropriate version of the fairy tale 'Hansel and Gretel' by Neil Gaiman.  The children are gripped, and it is a very exciting unit to teach. Ask them about it. I am very impressed by the standard of their writing so far. We are building up to write a short story. 

In maths, we are learning about place value which so far has involved numbers to a million. 

In topic, we are studying a history unit about the Vikings. We have looked at challenging stereotypes of the image we have of the Vikings. Again, please ask your child about the topic. What can you find out at home? 

We have launched the application process for house captains (known as the JLT which is the Junior Leadership Team). If your child would like to be considered for one of these prestigious positions then they need to prepare a speech by next Friday (17th September). The speech will be recorded and shown to the rest of the school, so each team can vote for their preferred candidate in a democratic way. If chosen, your child will take on extra responsibilities in the school such as being a headteacher for the day and certain decision-making and heading up potential projects such as the painting of the gazebo which was one of last year's projects. 

Our PE day is Friday.  In addition, we will have indoor gym for the next 4 consecutive Mondays starting on 13th September. Thank you for coming to school in kit on those days. 

I have said to the children I am happy for them to bring in their own pencil case if they wish. I can remember being 11 (just about!) and how exciting it was having your own pencil case. The rules are if it doesn't fit comfortably in their tray it goes home, they are responsible for the contents, it must not distract them or others in class. 

I hope you have a brilliant weekend. There is no homework at this stage apart from reading and if they want to research the Vikings, but this is optional. 

The secret 'word' is AD 793' (the first recorded year the Vikings invaded Britain). 

Miss Studley and Mrs Thompson