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Climate Change is on the agenda

Welcome back to the half-term that runs up to Christmas. We started it on an environmental note. Our English theme is to write to persuade and we are focussing on the work on Greta Thunberg as a young Swedish Climate Change activist. We have been specifically thinking about the speeches that Greta has made in her young life and the language she uses in an attempt to convince world leaders to act on Climate Change.  This is of course pertinent with the current COP26 conference taking place in Glasgow right now. 

Please ask your child all about it and see how much they can tell you. We will be continuing on with this theme in our English lessons over the next 2 weeks. The final aim is for them to write their own speech to persuade the reader on an element of the environment. 

We will be having some assessments next week so the flow of our regular maths and English lessons will be temporarily interrupted.  However, the information we get from carrying out the assessments will help us to plan next steps and address any gaps in the pupils learning, so they are very much worthwhile. Once I have analysed the results I usually send the papers home, so you can see how your child got on. Look out for them in their homework folders towards the end of next week. 

The spelling homework was sent home today. Please read the spelling pattern information when you go through the work with your child. It is in the box at the top of the sheet and is very useful to learn so that the rule can be applied to learn many more words than just the words on the sheet. 

Look out for more activities that I will be loading after writing this blog.  We have had a spag focus on using semicolons this week, so please check in with your child and see how confident they are at explaining to you how they are used. 

Thank you for returning the Norfolk Lakes residential permission slips.  It is great to see that the vast majority of the class will be attending the trip. May I remind you that we need the deposit in asap on Parentmail.  It is £50 due on or before 26th November.  Thank you to those of you who have already paid. 

After school sports clubs are going well. The attendance rates are high. Netball has been brilliant so far.  The talent amongst this group of Y5 and 6 is some of the best I have seen.  Hopefully we will have some interschool matches soon.  I will give you plenty of notice. There is a rock-it ball club starting next Tuesday.  At last count there were still a couple of free places.  We are trying to target children who have not yet signed up to a club, so please consider it. If you are in a club and are free on a Tuesday after school then it is worth putting your name down as there may be space. 

In maths this week we have been doing short division. Today we looked at using factors to help us divide. Ask your child about that. You could start by checking you know what a factor is. We looked at questions such as 390 divided by 30.  First find the factor pairs of 30 which are 1 and 30, 3 and 10 and finally 2 and 15. Pick a factor pair that you would find easier to divide into 390.  For example 390 divided by 10 = 39. Then divide 39 by 3 which is 13. So the answer to the original question in 13. I am sure if you talk to your child it will make much more sense coming from them! 

After our assessments next week we will be learning about long multiplication if you want to get some pre-learning in. 

Our class reader is 'Orphans of the Tide'.  It is a complicated plot, but we are getting into it with the help of Grace who has read it before to help us with any plot questions! Charlie has done an excellent job of reading some of it to the whole class and others are keen to have a turn reading to the class next week. 

Have a great weekend and stay safe with the fireworks. 

Miss Studley and Mrs Parker.