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WOOOAH! We're half way there!

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WOOOAH! We're half way there!

We are offically half way through year 6, which is a very scary thought. Where has the time gone?

The children have come back well from half term: focused and ready to learn.

This week the children have completed their wonderful stories containing flashbacks. They have all worked so hard on them and should be incredibly proud of what they have achieved. Please visit the ‘Work of Distinction’ page to read some examples. This will be their second piece of writing I am using to assess them on. As some parents found out at parents evening (thank you to all those parents who attended) to be an ‘at expected’ writer in year 6 you must join your handwriting. Whilst we are having a big push on handwriting in class any extra practise at home would be wonderful. If you would like some handwriting sheets please just ask!

Next week we are continuing with narratives but are focus is shifting to suspense stories. At the end of today we watched Alma, which is our new writing stimulus, in preperation for their cold task on Monday morning. Their faces during the video were a picture!

We have finished our science topic of ‘living things’ after completing our bread investigation. We were all thoroughly grossed out by the amount of mould found growing on some of our bread – please see pictures below.

In maths this week we have focused on converting units of measure. This was a great way of consolidating our previous learning: dividing and multiplying by 10, 100 and 1,000. Some children had some real lightbulb moments this week, where lots of previous learning has fallen into place. YAY!

This week year 6 were one of two classes to achieve over 80% of Superstar Readers, so a very big well done is in order. Please keep it up year 6! I cannot stress how important reading is, especially with the SATs fast approaching.

This week we have also introduced our new homework system. Goodbye big project, hello nightly English and Maths. So far the children have impressed me their attitude towards it – no grumbles. Almost every child has completed every piece of homework this week, well done year 6! The purpose of the new homework is to consolidate previous learning, expose them to SATs style questions, get them used to working under time pressure, to share their learning with their grown-ups and most importantly help prepare them for secondary school. On a Friday night the reading homework goes home. Children are expected to work on this for 20 minutes. There are lots of questions on the sheet, they are not expected to complete them all. If they would like to, then great.

I’m always here, so if you have any questions or concerns please come in for a chat or drop me an email.

Have a fabulous weekend year 6 – you deserve it!

Miss B

P.S. The secret word is doll.