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C of E Primary School

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We have had a warm welcome in Year 6 , our new teacher, Miss Battle, always sees the best in us!

For the past two weeks we have been looking at place value, in maths.  At the start of the year everyone was exeremely nervous as we didnt quite get the gist of it then. But then Miss Battle came along with her positive ray of sunshine and helped us get through it. We took part in a quiz at the begining of Place Value week and we were to take it again at the end of the two weeks to see if we improved and by how much! Everyone was a bit unsure at first but we powered through it and showed a growth mindset and the progress shined through and Mrs Duffield and Miss Battle saw a tremendous improvement.

The whole class has been reading "The boy in the girls bathroom" by Louis Sachar, it is so funny and entertaining. We have linked this story to our literacy work doing such things as: Diary entry as the main character, Bradley, talking about how Bradley might feel in certain situations , a paragraph to use P.E.E. all over the page (point, evidence, explain) using the text.

Currently, in topic we have been learning about the Maya, and we enjoyed a visit from Dr Davies, the only Maya expert in the whole of the U.K.  She brought loads of things in for us to look at, which were really interesting.

Taebi and Ella