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C of E Primary School

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Keep up to date with all of the activities at Homefield Primary School in this weekly Headteacher's Blog.

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  • My Fond Farewell

    Published 22/07/21, by Bradley Young

    Final Headteacher's blog wishing you all the very best!

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  • Final Full Week!

    Published 16/07/21, by Bradley Young

    Last full week finally comes to an end!

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  • Week Ends with Trip To The Zoo

    Published 10/07/21, by Bradley Young

    Trips coming in thick and fast as term ends!

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  • Fun Friday's Here!

    Published 02/07/21, by Bradley Young

    From Pleasurewood Hills to the Beach to School! Where will they go next?

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  • Challenge Woods For Zip Wire Fun

    Published 25/06/21, by Bradley Young

    Reception enjoy outdoor fun in Challenge Woods!

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  • Diversity Is The Spice of Life!

    Published 18/06/21, by Bradley Young

    Playground gazebo becomes a lasting monument to how uniqueness and diversity are welcomed and celebrated at Homefield Primary School.

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  • Diversity Project Primed and Ready!

    Published 11/06/21, by Bradley Young

    Gazebos to Euros!

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  • Half-Term's Here!

    Published 28/05/21, by Bradley Young

    Final week of the half-term brings sunshine to our doors!

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  • Harriers Win The Week!

    Published 21/05/21, by Bradley Young

    New Headteachers for the Day enjoy enrichment and selecting the Diversity competition winners!

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  • Hawkers Fly To The Top

    Published 14/05/21, by Bradley Young

    Hawkers House Captains replace Mr. Young for the day to lead the school!

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  • House Captains Head the School

    Published 07/05/21, by Bradley Young
    It has been enjoyable and fun being the Headteacher for the Day today. We have bought some new resources for classes, we have led an active outdoor session with Reception pupils and we have led a collective worship. There was also a safety walk where
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  • It's No Tchouk!

    Published 30/04/21, by Bradley Young

    New sport leaves a really sweet taste in the mouth!

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