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C of E Primary School

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Tag-Rugby triumph creates smiles all round!

After a crash-course of training the Years 5 and 6 Tag-Rugby Team have progressed to the next stage of the competition representing the East Norfolk Sports Partnership at the Norfolk Finals.

The team played some excellent rugby and did the school proud. We all look forward to seeing how they get on in the next round.

The outdoor learning is also progressing well and children are learning great things about navigating and nature.  The J.L.T. have also been working hard each lunchtime with groups of Reception children teaching them how to look after living things, by planting seeds and bulbs in the school allotment area. Let's hope we get some beautiful flowers and tasty vegetables from it. 

The Caring Crusaders are going to raise their profile each and every break time. Their new sky blue caps distinguish them from other children and they will also be leading playground games for all ages of children and assisting to resolve any issues children may have with others.

Praise must go to the the Kingfisher House Captains, as they performed admirably as Headteachers for the Day.