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C of E Primary School

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SATs week ends with a great sigh of relief!

The Year 6 children have done marvellously this week after finishing their SATs papers. I hope they all enjoyed their breakfasts; there was very little left, so I will take that as positive. Thank you to the staff, who helped; it was a real team effort. 

We are having another drive on Respect from Monday, particularly regarding how we treat and speak to each other. This is just as a refresher to keep our levels of friendliness high. 

This week also saw Year 1 visit the Bridewell Museum looking at the 1960s and 1980s. There were some very jazzy outfits being worn. I am pleased so much was learnt and the children and staff had a great educational experience. 

Attendance this week was won by Year 6 with 99.35%, but Year 5 and Year 2 were the only other classes to get over the 95% threshold. We are still receiving many holiday requests, which will be unauthorised, and families run the risk of further action from the Local Authority.

Super Readers results: Year 4 won once again. Well done! Special mention must go to Year 2 for getting their highest result of the year, so keep this up!

Reception: 63%  Year 1: 47%  Year 2: 63%  Year 3: 48%  Year 4: 73%  Year 5: 61%  Year 6: SATS

Next week is the last week of the half-term, so I hope the weather warms up, as Year 6 are visiting the beach for their SATS reward trip. Year 4 are also off to Gressenhall Museum for their Evacuation Day. There will be Tennis enrichment sessions on too, perfecting the skills of our children in readiness for Wimbledon. 

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!