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C of E Primary School

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Week ends with inflatable football all round!

It saddens and frustrates me that I have to begin my blog with a negative today regarding attendance, which still remains a problem across the school. Only three classes have managed to achieve the Local Authority target of 95% and this is mainly due to holidays being taken. It also concerns me that it has remained low for some time and will affect the school's end of year attendance average, which needs to be around 96% (National Average). Year 2 won this week's attendance with 97.67%, so well done to them. 

I appreciate the arguments that by taking a holiday a child can experience foreign cultures or forge lasting memories with their families and I fully understand that taking holidays out of term time is more expensive, but the pupils have only just returned from a half-term holiday. Regardless of these points and irrespective of the child's attendance record, taking children out of school at any point interrupts their teaching and learning sequence, meaning they miss vital input from the teacher and miss the crucial tasks where they are showcasing independently what they have learnt. The latter of these are needed for accurate evidence and appraisals of a child's abilities and could be the difference between a child being deemed at expected or working towards age-related expectations. 

As parents, I need you all to consider the detrimental impact having a holiday during term time can have on your child's education and to please assist the school to rectify the issue we currently have with poor attendance. 

Super Readers was won by Year 4 with 75%. Well done once more guys! Reception: 63% Year 1: 63% Year 2: 53% Year 3: 48% Year 4: 75% Year 5: 65% Year 6: 39%. 

On a lighter note, the school has had an enrichment footballing session with an inflatable pitch based around the World Cup. Thank you Go Geronimo for this and all children got stuck in with quality tackles and goals. 

Year 3 travelled earlier in the week to Norwich Castle for their Egyptian Day. Mummies, tombs and Pharaohs filled the learning, as well as making clothing and pretending to be slaves. They all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 

We are increasing our vigilance on ensuring our pupils eat a substantial amount of their lunches, whether that be hot dinners or school/home packed. Dinner staff are observing far too much wasted food, including whole items that have not even been opened or unwrapped. Please can parents speak to their children before Monday, when we will be addressing it in assembly. 

Next week, we have the new Reception Parents' evening on Tuesday at 6:00pm and Friday will be the final day to collect University Graduation stamps. Our 2018-19 staffing letter went home today and I am happy that the changes made will once again ensure our school provides quality first teaching to each and every year group. 

Have a good weekend everybody and together let us improve our school's attendance.