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C of E Primary School

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Eventful weeks about to begin in earnest!

Well rehearsals are in full swing for the Years 5&6 production next week and the pupils are in fine voice. I have to say this is a major production the team have embarked upon, but it sounds marvellous through the door. 

All this coincides with the World Cup in Russia, which the pupils are all excited about. Sadly, no England group games are on during school time, otherwise we would have tried to screen it for the school. Hopefully, they will qualify further into the tournament and the match may fall on to a school day. 

Talking of football: our Years' 3 and 4 players took on Hillside yesterday and after valiant performances lost 5-2. Well done on your debut match. 

There have been several changes from our catering suppliers Edwards & Blake recently, which we were not consulted about in advance. This has meant that the menus have been given stronger scrutiny by nutritionists and dieticians in order to make the food served to children much healthier and more enriching. Children with specific allergies or dietary requirements will now have their own specific menu, which the cooks have no flexibility over, once they have been agreed with parents. I must urge all parents of pupils with allergies to return their medical evidence and paperwork for Edwards & Blake as soon as possible to enable these pupil specific menus to be created. 

I would also like to encourage parents to talk to their children about the amount of food they are wasting and not eating. We have put a system in place now, where pupils must have the amount of food they have eaten acknowledged by staff, before going out to break. This is to ensure they have eaten a substantial amount of food to give them enough energy to complete the afternoon session. Pupils who have not eaten enough are invited to remain and persevere with their meal, before being dismissed.  

Attendance was won by Year 6 this week with 97.74%, so well done to them, but low attendance, mainly due to holidays, remains. Whole school attendance is currently 91.98%

Super Readers was won by Year 4, who managed another 80%. This is fabulous and they gained another piece of our bookworm, edging ever closer to the next teacher target...eek!

Reception: 53% Year 1: 50% Year 2: 30% Year 3: 53% Year 4: 80% Year 5: 74% Year 6: 35%

Next week, there are lots of things to look forward to. We have the performance of Aladdin Trouble, Disco, Whole School Read, Share and Review Day (RSR) and Year 5 will have a Science session from Lynn Grove. 

Have a lovely weekend.