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C of E Primary School

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The end of the week saw a Year 6 graffiti mural and the return of Year 4 from their residential.

This week has been so eventful. It began with daily breakfasts for the Year 6 pupils, before their many SATs test papers. They performed with resilience and determination and they all gave their very best. We will wait and see what the results bring. 

Year 4 had their residential to Kingswood and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I am sure they will all sleep well tonight, particularly the staff. 

Happisburgh Lighthouse hosted our Year 2 pupils and lots was learnt as they toured the interior and went right to the top, looking out over the North Sea. 

Sadly, I have to mention my disappointment with the number of holidays being taken at the moment. The attendance of Year 3 this week was down to 81%. 95% is the County's target; our school target is higher. Poor attendance figures can have a negative impact on an Ofsted inspection, as well as a detrimental affect on a child's learning. Thank you to all those parents who continue to send their children to school each day and help our school's attendance stay healthy. I hope next week brings better attendance figures. 

Have a wonderful weekend.