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Macmillan Rounds Off The Week Nicely!

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Yet another example of Homefield's generosity!

Today saw a wonderful example of how generous our Homefield family is. We had some fantastically delicious cakes donated and then we had several parents and relatives join the School Council for a tea and coffee, and of course a slice or three of cake. 

Games were played and prizes were won, but the generous nature shone through again with winners re-donating their prize money for such a worthy cause.

I am really enjoying the musical opportunities on offer at Homefield right now. We extended our provision recently with drumming and already nine pupils have agreed to join. Mrs. Loveland has transformed a quarter of our outdoor classroom into a musical space and I am thrilled to see how engaged our pupils are within their music lessons. 

Moreover, I am pleased with the increase in the numbers of children reading at least five times to an adult each week, however there are still a couple of classes not showing reading records to evidence this. All parents should hear their children read on a daily basis, because it is crucial for their child's educational development and abilities to access the curriculum. Year 6 won this week's Super Reader challenge with 71% of the class reading the required amount. Keep it up.

Attendance was won this week by Year 4 with 98%. Year 2 fell to 87%, which must improve, especially with this being a SATS year at the end of KS1.   

Next week, we have Year 4s class collective worship. Have a lovely weekend.