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C of E Primary School

Getting Back Into The Classroom

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From measuring shoes to teaching about the different bones in the body. 

This week I have had the pleasure of covering my teachers for an hour in many different classes, so that they can observe their partner colleagues as part of our professional development approach. For me, it has been extremely rewarding to, firstly, be back in the classroom to keep my teaching skills up to speed, but secondly, to see exactly how the pupils are getting on in class. 

In Reception, we were learning how to measure and compare the lengths of our shoes, whilst iIn Year 4 we were applying the commutative and associative laws in multiplication. In Year 1, we were writing recounts about our weekends, whilst in Year 3 we were learning how to persuade others to buy our inventions, not to mention going through the bones of the body. It has been busy, but enjoyable. Thank you.  

The competition, held over the Hot Dog day meal with the chance of winning a cinema voucher, was won by Emma in Year 4, so well done to her. I am sure she will put it to good use. 

Attendance this week was won by Year 3 with a fabulous 100%. Well done to them. Remember 96% is National Average and only three classes this week managed to meet it. Evidence from a medical professional will be requested from parents of children, who are repeatedly absent through illness. Failure to receive this will result in the absences being marked as unauthorised.  

Parkour was a highly popular enrichment session and despite the odd bruised shin or awkward landing, the pupils showed a strong determination and resilience to persevere and improve. The final session is next Wednesday. If demand is there we may look into holding an after-school Parkour club. We shall see.

Please have a relaxing weekend everyone and stay safe.