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Gardening, SATS and Power Kiting too!

Phew! This week has been crazy. Not only have we had to contend with the KS1 and 2 SATS, the many hungry mouths each morning at breakfasts, but also a whole array of physical activities. 

We have enjoyed Balance-Ability bikes and Gardening with EYFS, not to mention the Power Kiting and the Cycle Marking with the Police. Nursery PE was superb and the pupils enjoyed challenging me to a javelin throw. I think my throwing arm is not was it used to be, as I was easily put to shame. 

The Power Kiting was extremely fun, whilst at the same time being a tough challenge controlling the kites in the wind. Thankfully, nobody was whisked away from us. I am sure everybody's upper body strength has improved no end. 

Attendance was won by Year 6 this week with 100%. However, Year 4 were extremely close with 99.17%. 

We are so proud of the efforts our Year 6 pupils have made towards achieving success in their SATS. Well done to them all and to the whole staff team for preparing the children so well over the years they have been at Homefield.

Next week, we have a continuation of our Year 2 SATS, our re-arranged trip to the beach and our PTA Midweek Movie.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!