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C of E Primary School

Odd Socks for Anti-Bullying Week

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Awareness of Anti-Bullying Week highlighted through Odd Socks!

Today, we are hoping that the wearing of odd socks and the sharing of the importance of the anti-bullying message with pupils will enable our school to continue to be a hub where people treat one another with respect and kindness. Even when we have fallings out and disagreements, our pupils know that they need to remain calm and use a restorative approach to mend what might be broken. 

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of going over to Nursery and leading a music session with chime bars. They were lovely and confident and engaged willingly. Well done Nursery. 

Sadly, we have noticed a distinct drop in the numbers of pupils attending our wrap-around care provision at both Breakfast Club and After-School Club and I wished to remind you that these services are there to help families, if you are not already accessing them. Since September, it is also a service booked online using the weekly booking links sent by the Club Manager. We understand the drop in numbers may be related to parents who have been unfortunately furloughed, or because there is now no longer any 20p element or because parents are simply helping the school by reducing the number of pupils that attend, but this was a valuable source of income for the school, which if numbers continue to remain low, may mean the service needs a revision or a reduction. Rest assured all measures will be taken to avoid any reduction as we know the difficulties this may provide for working parents. 

Next week, we would have welcomed in the local senior citizens for a Christmas lunch but due to the pandemic this annual event cannot take place. This really is sad, as we loved seeing the local community coming in, as many of them were alone. Nevertheless, we will be preparing some Christmas decorations for our classes and families, as well as designing Christmas cards for some local care home residents through a scheme run by the Diocese. We are also assisting the Diocese by identifying those families who may be the most vulnerable or the most in need during the Christmas holidays by arranging for food hampers to be sent to them. 

Have a restful and safe weekend everyone.