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C of E Primary School

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Final full week ends with a "Great Exhibition" of Victorian masterpieces.

It has been a long week with performances, concerts and exhibitions. Thank you to all pupils, parents and staff for their continued efforts and support so that the above events take place with such a superb level of success. 

The KS1 Nativity performances were marvellous considering they had limited time to get it prepared. The singing was brilliant. As was the singing during the KS2 Carol Concert. The carols were highly emotive and certainly worthy of beginning any festive period. I am so very proud of all of the children, but especially all those who returned in the evening. Despite depleted numbers, the volume was superb and thoroughly impressed the riveted audience. 

This week's attendance was won by Year 1 with 97.67%, at a time when illness seems to be increasing. Last week, the attendance was won by Year 5. It is concerning that Year 4 attendance has declined to 86.00%. We have been guided by the Local Authority to issue letters to any family whose children fall below 90% and a second phase letter requesting medical evidence for illness for those children who fall below 80%. 

On a more positive note, the Super Readers was won by Year 4 with 60%, although this is still some way away from our target percentage of 80%. Year 2 Super Readers showed more children had not read at all, compared to those who had read five times or more. Reading is vitally important and needs to be increased by all. Wouldn't it be fantastic if a class achieved 100%? 

I am pleased to see an improvement in the parking this week during the JLT's survey. If better parking can be achieved when we are standing there, it can be sustained when we are not. Please continue to park respecting the safety of our pupils and the neighbouring community. 

For your calendars, our Family Carol Service at the Church is on Monday 18th December from 6:00PM and we break up on Tuesday 19th December. Tuesday is also a non-uniform party day, provided you are wearing a Christmas jumper. I am sure you will all come in wearing some classic ones. 

Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all on Monday.