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C of E Primary School

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Comic Relief Friday!

Well what a day it has been; superheroes everywhere and jokes flying through the air. It was great to see the confidence of all ages of children standing up in front of the whole school telling their jokes across Google Meet. We had jokes about Bogie Tissues, Pearoplanes, Nacho Cheese and Baygulls. We also mananged to raise £205, so thank you for all your donations to such a worthy cause. 

As we enter the final week of the Spring Term, I am saddened that we have to part with the children again, just when we are re-establishing the expectations and routines of daily schooling. Our pupils have missed so much and we will do all we can to ensure they catch up on what they need. 

Next week, we have Easter Bonnets being created, because despite the fact we cannot have the traditional whole school parade, we will still showcase some of the fabulous entries. Again, pupils can earn a chocolate egg for entering, but also there will be a grand winner selected from each class. Years 5 and 6 will be busily making Easter bonnets for the Reception and Nursery pupils too. This epitomsies the spirit of Homefield. 

Stay safe and have a relaxing weekend everyone.