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C of E Primary School

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Mock SATs week over, but pupils are still showing off their fabulous abilities across the school!

I have been lucky enough to observe our great staff teaching some fantastic learning this week and it has been a privilege to talk to the pupils about their work. Being here at Homefield is a pleasure and I am so proud of the efforts all associated with the school are putting in. Let us keep this spirit and ethos up. 

This week's Super Readers has been won by Year 4 with 90% achieving the required standard. Well done; a fabulous outcome. I am thrilled pupils are really taking such ownership over their own learning. We had lots of four time readers too, and that would really make the difference to class figures, if we could get one more.

We have shared the new incentive to the whole school with the slogan "Super Readers - Get your Leaders!" Classes that get to 80% each week collect a piece for the display and at certain intervals teachers selected at random will have to face a suitable forfeit. The pupils seem quite excited by the prospect; the staff not so. They are only worried about being chosen to do their forfeit. However, I have led by example and thrown my self into the draw. 

Year 1 - 53%           Year 2 - 23%       Year 3 - 48%           Year 4 - 90%     Year 5 - 58%     Year 6 - 78%

Attendances were all over 95% again, so I am very pleased about this, with Year 5 winning this week with 99.34%.

Apologies for the lateness of the Cross Country announcement. Sadly, the ENSSP lead has left his post and arranging competitions has been a little challenging. I am pleased so many pupils volunteered and I know they will all do us proud on the day. Make sure you wrap up warmly, as Cross Countries are notoriously chilly occasions.

Nursery have had Mega Movers in to support their physical and health development. The children thoroughly enjoyed their session and will be getting more over the next few weeks. 

The Mock SATS for Year 6 pupils is over...they have all done their best and now it is a case of identifying areas in need of improvement. Exam technique is certainly one of those, making sure we check meticulously and manage our time more effectively. These are skills, which can easily be taught. Miss. Battle and Mrs. Parker are tackling it already. 

Next Wednesday 24th January, we have our Multi-Faith Library Event, where we have invited in several religious leaders to speak to the pupils about their faiths and experiences. This begins in the morning and continues to the end of school. After school, we would like to extend the invitation to any parents to come in to see what the pupils have been doing in the day. Hopefully, we will have members of the Islamic, Hindu, Sikh and Jewish faiths. We hope you will come and visit.