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A jam-packed week ends with a House Shout to welcome in the half-term holiday.

All I can say to begin my blog this week is: Wow! I have never been prouder of our pupils and our staff for their enthusiasm and determination to succeed. Not only did we do brilliantly in the Gymnastics competition finishing first and fourth in Years 3 and Year 2, and not only did we witness some fabulous creative writing for our Around the World topic across multiple year groups, but we also amazed audiences with our stunning House Shout performances. 

The songs were sung with such confidence and synchronisation and were so well choreographed with many detailed and entertaining qualities. Halo, Dancing in the Street, Hey Oh and Stand by Me were the chosen numbers. Nursery and Reception did so well too with their song, as did the staff with their version of That's What Makes You Beautiful. A highly entertaining occasion. Thanks goes to Alison Corfield, Head of Norfolk Music, for coming in and judging and presenting the winners of a very close run contest with the House Shout Cup. Harriers won for the second time in a row. 

Attendance was won this week by Year 5 and that means they have earnt another non-uniform day for winning the half-termly race. Team points was won by Harriers also this week. 

Super Readers saw Miss. Studley parade around as a giant Bourbon biscuit (not that she was complaining too much, as she is rather partial to them) for her forfeit and again Year 4 broke the 80% barrier to claim another piece of our Super Reader Bookworm. Well done to them. Once again all Super Readers from each class are applauded through the Hall. 

Reception  70%     Year 1   47%  Year 2  33%    Year 3  55%  Year 4  80%     Year 5 68%   Year 6  58% 

Thank you to all those parents who attended parents' evening. For those who didn't, your class teacher will be in touch to rearrange another date. Miss. Battle will hopefully be fully fit on her return. QLAs were sent home today to those, who could not get them off her Thursday.

Have a wonderful half-term and I will see you on Monday 19th February.