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C of E Primary School

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End of the snow brings a sense of normality back to Homefield!

Despite the chaos caused, the snow gave the children a wonderful opportunity to experience it and for some quality family time. It must be down to this, that the children returned in buoyant mood and this week has flown by once again. 

I have heard fantastic rehearsals for the Years 3 and 4 performance and the singing has been first class. Letters regarding tickets went out this week too, so I hope to see as many people in the audience as possible. I am positive it will be another great success.

A belated World Book Day took place on Thursday and several children managed to complete the 20 Reading Challenges. There were some hilarious extreme reading photos too from the pupils. Well done to all who took part. You are embracing the promotion on reading so well. 

Super Readers this week saw Year 4 triumph with another 100% and Reception follow suit with 83%. So, three pieces were achieved on our bookworm and that meant another spin of the dreaded Wheel of Misfortune...Who would it land on this time? I am sorry to say it was me, much to the enjoyment of the entire school. I await my fate...but I have already heard pupils wish to see me dressed as a pink fairy, a princess or a giant Haribo (see picture). I will apologise now for my appearance on the day, whatever I accept to dress up as. Well done to all pupils. 

Reception  83% Year 1   50%    Year 2  50%    Year 3  66%   Year 4 100%   Year 5  77%   Year 6  61%

Attendance has dipped considerably in Year 6 to 87%. I appreciate children get ill from time to time, but we must ensure this improves in such an important year group with only six full school  weeks to go before the SATS. The school staff are more than capable of dealing with the more minor ailments in the absence of parents. Resilience and perseverance are key to ensure important learning is not missed. I am sure attendance will have improved by Monday. 

Thank you to all parents from Reception, who came in for the tea party. I understand cakes were gobbled down by all. 

I want to praise Scarlett, Sean and Bethany for their determination and grit at the Norfolk Finals in Cross-Country. All three of you made the school and I immensely proud. 

Next week we have our Infant and EYFS Read, Share and Review Day on Tuesday 13th March. Nursery parents only will have two sessions for morning and afternoon pupils. Apologies, if the notification was not prompt enough. 

Have a great weekend and a Happy Mother's Day.