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Heatwave weclomes in Summer Term!

Phew! It has been a real scorcher to end the week on and it was lovely to get outside to watch the children playing with the new resources. I enjoyed teaching Year 2 PE also today, thank you guys for showing me your fabulous racquet techniques. 

Year 6 travelled to Norwich Castle for their new Vikings topic and returned in good spirits adorned with freshly made jewels. Behaviour was fantastic. 

The choir popped over to Woodlands for a singing event and again behaviour was exemplary with all pupils setting a fine example for others to follow. 

Good to see so many pupils signing up for clubs again this term. I am pleased to see the dedication and commitment of so many wishing to perfect or learn new skills. 

Attendance was won by Year 3 with 99.35% with Year 4 only just behind. Sadly, only four classes were above the 95% threshold. Year 1, Year 5 and Year 6 must do more to improve their attendances for next week.

The campaign for Super Readers also needs re-energising after a holiday. Remember every time a class gets to 80% we give the pupils a piece of the bookworm. The quicker they get to a target zone, the quicker they can see another teacher face a forfeit. Who will it be next time? 

Year 1 - 43%  Year 2 - 10%  Year 3 - 43%   Year 4 - 47%  Year 5 - 49%   Year 6 - 55%. 

Let us hope the weather holds for next week, because Year 3 have their Time and Tide trip, there are a couple of boys' football matches and the Nursery Open evening for our new intake of parents in September. 

Hope you all have a great weekend in the sunshine.