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Find out all about the Reception class at Homefield Primary School

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  • an 'Excellent' week....

    Published 15/11/19, by Meryn Payne

    We are all thrilled to receive the SIAMS report which graded us 'Excellent'! This news came during a very busy week which included; Remembrance Day, Anti-Bullying week and Children In Need.

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  • Happy Diwali!

    Published 06/11/19, by Meryn Payne

    The children have enjoyed spending time in our 'Hindu temple' this week!

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  • Welcome Back...

    Published 29/10/19, by Meryn Payne

    We hope you enjoyed a wonderful half-term break. We were pleased to see the children coming in to school happily this morning. 

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  • She's arrived!

    Published 08/10/19, by Meryn Payne
    The children have been so excited about the arrival of The Phonic Fairy and finally, on Tuesday morning, we noticed fairy dust on the carpet!........ To our delight, The Phonic Fairy delivered a bag containing a brand new book that we read to
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  • Reception Blog

    Published 24/09/19, by Meryn Payne

    What is that?!

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  • Welcome to Homefield 😊

    Published 16/09/19, by Meryn Payne

    What a great start we’ve had!

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  • ...And on that farm he grew some...

    Published 19/05/19, by Sherry Grant

    WE: 19/05/19

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  • Mid May in Reception

    Published 12/05/19, by Sherry Grant

    WE: 12/05/19

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  • We're going to the farm, farm, farm...

    Published 06/05/19, by Sherry Grant

    wb 6/5/19

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  • Dragons on a farm?!

    Published 28/04/19, by Sherry Grant

    All about week 1 (23-4-19)

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  • Next Term...

    Published 07/04/19, by Sherry Grant

    23rd April Down on the Farm

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  • Hoppy Easter...

    Published 07/04/19, by Sherry Grant

    It's the end of term again!

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