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Week Ending 18/11/18

This week we have looked at the Muslim celebrations of Ramadan and Eid-al-Fitr. We have talked about how healthy Muslim adults fast during the days in Ramadan, but then celebrate with the festival of Eid-al-Fitr (which means 'the festival of breaking the fast').

We looked at different types of candles in a scientific experiment, talking about what happens when they lit and why they cannot burn forever. We also created lanterns and crafts focussing on the moon and stars which are important Muslim symbols and remind us about how they fast in the daylight hours during Ramadan. We have also created our own Mendhi hand designs too!

Phonics Fairy, as always, is helping us to learn new phonemes. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Mummies and Daddies, be careful not to add a "schwah" to the end of sounds- so mmm does not become "mur". As adults we (myself included) forget how to pronounce the phonemes from when we learnt to read and accidentally add on this 'urr' sound to the end. This makes it really tricky for the children to hear the words they are trying to blend... So cat should be said as: "c-a-t", but if we are adding schwahs onto sounds without realising, it becomes "cur, a, tur... carroter not cat". Here is a link, additional to how Phonic Fairy demonstrates the way to sound each phoneme :D

IF you wanted to, here is a link to a FREE and excellent resource to support phonics and reading. It is by the publishers of the reading books that we use in school. It features lots of games that your child can play to develop phoneme recognition, segmenting and blending skills. There is an app also, but I have just signposted you to the website. I hope it helps :)

Some people are concerned that there child has not yet been given a reading book. Please do not panic! We believe and have a very successful track record, that children need to be confident in themselves and their phonetic skills before being given a reading book. Practising your weekly phonics homework and revisiting past phonemes as well as making words to read with your flashcards is the perfect way to boost confidence and is like a light being switched on. Once it clicks, your child will soar...but we are all different and some children need a little longer at single words before being given a book which can be scary and knock confidence.

Here are some words you could make with your flashcards... I will try and remember to add new ones each week! (please remind me if I forget!)

bed               hen              ran               rock             kick      cod                kid


In Maths we have been practising our counting skills with objects and actions which cannot be moved- simply put, we have been counting drum beats (Ask your child to sing you "Listen to the drumbeats"), counting out claps/jumps/stamps, and counting arrangements of pictures which do not sit in straight lines. We have been developing systematic ways to practise counting in a variety of ways: Here is a fun game we have also been using:

That's all folks! The word you need is "Mama Mia" ;)