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Olympian Phonics Readers

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A tired hello from the conservatory!

This week has been a long week, but a week of triumph! Yes, it was the fateful week of the Phonics Screening Check…if a little person did not happen to tell you! Whilst I cannot divulge the words from the test, let me tell you that some were VERY mean! The children have ALL given it their very, very best! Having just completed a data comparison from this week’s test and the practise test in February, I can see a lot of progress across the majority of the class. Thank you to the support that you have given your children this year. And with pleasure I announce NO MORE ALIEN WORDS in Year 1! At this moment in time I cannot inform you as to whether your child has ‘passed’ or not. This is because we have to wait for the threshold score… it has been 32/40 for the past few years, but nothing is every certain so we must wait to be informed. For those children who did not meet the threshold, they will have to resit the Phonics Screen next year with the 2019 test paper. Everyone who met or exceeded the threshold will no longer need to worry about alien words or the Phonics Check. There are children who may not have met the threshold but who I am so very proud of as they have REALLY tried and I can see that they have really been supported at home by the amount of words they read this time, so well done!

As a reward for their valiant efforts, of which every child has made good progress in their phonetic skills regardless of the scores, they all received a gold medal and Phonic Olympian certificate. Please celebrate their successes this weekend! As a result we have no phonics homework this week!

Now who are these clever Olympian Phonic Readers?!

It is really important that all children, regardless of phonics group etc, practise the reading book given. This is because they have been hand picked to match what they have or are currently learning and to prevent any gaps in learning by jumping stages. Out of thirty children, 3 scored full marks on their test papers. This is solely due to practising the phonemes in their pink books and reading 5x per week and reading their school reading books.

Happy Father’s Day to Daddies, Step-Daddies, Granddads and Uncles. We hope you love your cards. Apologies that I could not hold an event like last year, but this week has been manic with the Phonics Screening, report writing and many, many other jobs! I shall try my utmost to organise a little soiree nearer to the end of term with a Cancer charity fundraiser if I can squeeze it in.

There has been a huge buzz about our plants topic. You may well have seen that our little sunflowers are doing well in their greenhouses! We now have leaves on some…lets see what the weekend brings!

In Science we have learnt some names of flowers as we conducted a piece of research into which wild flowers grow in the school grounds. We aimed to find out the same regarding trees but were unable to finish our investigations this week. We shall continue next week to look at the parts of a tree and to also distinguish deciduous and evergreen trees. You might want to sign up to The Great British Wildflower Hunt where you can go out into the community and help record what flowers are growing wild in our community. Hopefully we will have time to squeeze it in before the holidays!


We shall hopefully begin the geography element to our topic next week too. This shall see us learning about the four countries of the United Kingdom, where we shall learn about each country’s national flowers too! Stay tuned!

Next week should bring some normality!!!

Other important info: We had a “surprise” visitor on Friday! Our dear and beloved Austin! Everyone has been missing Austin whilst he has been convalescing so were delighted when he and Mummy visited today! There was lots of excited chatter, gossip (especially over my practical jokes on Mrs James) and heartfelt messages. The children have written letters in their Literacy books, and now told their cheeky friend, so he should look forward to a nice package in the post very soon!

A HUGE thank you to Nanny Maz! We have some special leaves and information about a tree in her’s and Granddad Nigel’s garden…and it came with a little caterpillar too! We are hoping that by putting our caterpillar in the butterfly house, he may munch, munch, munch and we can watch him transform into a moth or butterfly! Stay tuned…

In Maths we have begun thinking about larger numbers, working on our place value skills with numbers beyond fifty. Here are some links to fun games which we will have time to explore next week:

And with that, enjoy the Air Show if you are going! If not, have a fabulous weekend and see you Monday! The phrase you need is ‘steam engine’.