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This post will be a one-stop shop for all the important information throughout the year which remains generally constant. Here you will find library/ PE days, advice on reading and Rainbow Words, and whatever else we all need to know. If there is something you are unsure of, please check the "Letters Home" section on the website or ask! :D

PE Days:

Indoor PE: Thursdays (unless Mr Carr is teaching gymnastics that half term)

                   Tuesdays- with Mr Carr (Autumn and Summer first half-terms)


Library: Tuesdays (unless events arise)

Phonics Homework books: These will include the phonemes (sounds) taught/revised that week, including words to practise reading and non-words (alien words) to practise. Please practise regularly to support your child with their phonic skills, essential for reading and writing!

Please ensure Phonics books are in bookbags so that new homeworks can be glued in! This will generally be at the end of the week.

Reading books: These will be changed regularly by a member of staff when we feel your child is confident in reading that book, or has practised it several times. An adult MUST sign their reading record so that we know it has been read (and to gain rewards for our Superstar Readers Challenge)! Children need to read their school reading book at least three times as each "read" will build on different skills;

First read: To practise decoding the words; segmenting and blending the words.

Second read: As most words have been decoded and are familiar, now the reader can think more about what is happening in the text, so a better comprehension (understanding) develops (especially with discussions about the text and pictures).

Third read: As the words have been decoded and understood, the third read should prove more fluent, allowing your child to read with fluency, "flow" and practise voices for characters.

Superstar Readers:

Reading is everywhere and in most things we do in life, so it is a vital skill that we are encouraging the children at Homefield to do as much of as possible!

Every day your child reads their reading book, Phonics Homework book, library book, or home book, e-book, newspaper, magazine or comic, an adult must sign their reading record to say they have done so. When children bring in their reading records to school, the class teacher will be keeping a record of how many times they have read within the week. If they have read 5 times (5 different days in the week), they will be a ‘Superstar Reader’ and be rewarded with team points. The class with the most ‘Superstar Readers’ each week will be announced in Friday’s Celebration Assembly and rewarded with five minutes of extra play, but only if the whole-class percentage of ‘Superstar Readers’ is above 80%! Of course your child can read more than 5 times, which will be rewarded! It doesn't need to be the whole book every night. Ten minutes each day at a regular time also helps to set a routine. You could alternate between your child's reading book and phonics homework book, and let them hear you read a story, E-book, comic or library book afterwards :D

Rainbow Words:

As a new whole school initiative, we have revised and adopted the "Rainbow Words" idea throughout the school. It now follows the scientific order of the rainbow colours (ROYGBIV), not the song! It also has some new changes to support your child throughout their time at Homefield and in their lives after school!

Everyone in Year 1 will begin on 'Red' (even if they got to Gold in Reception and received their badge of honour!). However, now your child will need to be able to read ALL the words on the coloured card (out of order!), spell ALL the words (we will ask the children to write them in a different order) AND be able to use them in a sentence to demonstrate their understanding- afterall why learn to read and spell a word you do not understand...? And therefore won't remember!

For example: if a Rainbow word was "because", they should be able to use it in a sentence verbally (as they get older, they will be writing a sentence to demonstrate their understanding):

"I like the Foo Fighters because their music is fabulous!"

Once your child can do all 3 elements they will then move to the next colour. When they complete Violet, they will be awarded a 'High Frequency Words Whizz' badge to wear with pride! (Even if they already have one from Reception Class!).