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Week commencing 21.01.2019

We have had another busy, but successful week in year 1.  

Reading - we have now started to change reading books on a Monday and Thursday.  If you child does complete their book before we would suggest reading the book more than once so that your child has a better understanding of what they have just read.  

Super star reading is going well, but for only at few of Year 1.  A large percentage of children are not reading at home at all, or only once a week.  As the children know 'Reading makes you Brainy' as the Phonics Fairy says! So please, please, please find a few minutes each day to hear your child read one, two, three or more pages to help your child succeed.  With practise improvements will be noticed.  

Science - we have been detective this week looking at the different senses (and continuing next week) as well as sorting different types of animals.  

English - we have been looking at the suffix -ed how it changes a verb into past tense and writing recounts about ourselves and Sunny the Meerkat ( I am sure parents will love to read these during Year 1's parents evening 13th or 14th February - note for diaries!) 

Maths - this week we have been subtracting using numbers up to 20 using practical equipment, ten frames and part whole models.  Today we read some simple word problems which the children enjoyed.  Maybe try at home and see how you child gets on eg. Freddy has 12 cookies and eats 3 how many are left?