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Week Commencing 17.05.2019

Year one have had a very busy week both inside the classroom and outside.  

This week we have been learning about fractions in Maths.  We have been finding halves of objects and numbers and even looked at finding quarters by sharing into four groups.  In English have been working through the second week writing recounts.  Today we have had some amazing recount writing pretending to be the Gingerbread man recalling the events which happened and his feelings.  Many particularly enjoyed hot seating where one person pretends to be the character and the rest of the class ask questions bring about lots of creativity!


Outside this week, Year 1 really enjoyed the session on balance bikes.  This is a brilliant way of learning to ride a bike if your child is not yet able too.  Basically it is a bike with two wheels and no pedals.  Children need to keep their balance and coordinate feet to pick up speed, once this is achieved get pedalling!  Everyone participated and enjoyed themselves.  


During the afternoons this week we have been focusing on RE and How Jewish celebrate passover.  So far we have looked at different types of parties, Moses story of parting the waves and special symbols/objects within Judaism. We will continue this next week.


We are getting closer to our Phonic screening and Year 1 are ready, however we still need to practise to remind ourselves of the sounds and keep confidence high.   A couple of weeks ago, I sent home a Story Time Phonics Phase 2, 3 and 5 sound mats getting your child to recall daily from sight would be great.  This week's homework is an activity to read real and alien words - children will spot sounds within the word to help them to read it.  The second piece is reading and writing based around sound work.  Any queries or concerns please contact a member of the Year 1 team. 


Have a lovely weekend, fingers crossed for some sunshine!