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Another busy week for year 1!

Hello everyone,

Once again Year 1 have had a very busy week, filled with lots of amazing learning. They have enjoyed learning about different toys of old and new, plus they have enjoyed completing more gymnastics, in which their behaviour has been picked out as better than older year groups, which is fantastic and we are very proud of them!

Within maths this week, the children have been learning to count forward and backwards from a number, most of them have now learnt to do this with confidence, although they know they can use their fingers to help. We have also introduced finding one less and one more than a number, the children have worked hard on this and are now grasping this new area of learning. 

English this week has been based on traditional stories and building on sentences throughout the week. The children have a clear understanding of what is needed within a sentence, and they mostly remember their capital letters and full stops. They are becoming more confident in writing independently, although some do struggle to keep their letters on the line, so this is something we will work on more this half term. On Friday the children really enjoyed looking at a story called Handa's Surprise and they tried to think of interesting adjectives to describe the animals and fruits which appeared within the story. 

Thursday this week, as you are all aware, was Harvest festival. The children all walked down to the church and took part in the Harvest festival celebrations. They seemed to enjoy going altogether and felt quite grown up, they sang along with the songs and listened to the prayers given. Thank you for any food that was donated, it was gratefully received. 

Overall, the Year 1 team have had a lovely week, and the children seemed to have fully settled in to the new routines etc. We hope this continues, as they are all doing really well!

Have a lovely weekend! Make the most of the sunny weather!

From the Year 1 team