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C of E Primary School

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A busy week...

Hello everyone, 

Once again it has been a busy week, with lots of different things going on. We had the inspection on Tuesday, which the children seemed interested in and wanted to show off how well they know their school prayers etc. which was good to see. 

Topic lessons this week have been once again based around art and design with the children creating more self portraits using pastels. The children even got to make their self portrait using actual vegetables, this was really fun and the end results looked great! 

Maths this week has been the beginning of subtraction, with the children thinking about taking away small numbers. They have really worked hard on this and already seem to have a good grasp on this new area. 

English this week has been all about autumnal poems, with the children thinking about their 5 senses and using these to come up with some beautiful sentences. They have really enjoyed being creative and thinking about using different descriptions. 

Thank you for your help and efforts with the homework this week, we will be sending it out on Fridays and if we can kindly ask for it back in by Wednesday the following week that would be great. 

Outside PE on Thursdays may not always happen due to weather, but if it does not they will complete some form of exercise that afternoon in class. 


From the Year 1 team