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Hello everyone, 

This week has been busy as usual, with lots of exciting learning happening. 

Maths this week we have been looking at our place value to 50. The children have found it very exciting going up to larger numbers! They have been reading and writing numbers to 50, comparing different numbers using < > and = and have been looking at finding one more and one less than a number. The children seem to really enjoy maths, so we hope this continues. 

English this week has been focused more on reading and grammar. The children have been reading different texts and answering comprehension questions based on these. This really helps their reading develop, as they have to take it what they have actually read each time. Within the grammar, we have been focusing on using punctuation correctly and forming some good sentences, this is something we will continue to work on. 

PSHE this week has been focused on celebrating our differences, with the children looking at how they are similar but also different from each other, but how these are good things. We have had lots of conversations about why its good to be different and how its good to find different friends. 

Mrs Bridge has been taking the children out this week to complete small phonics tests with them, this has been useful for us as we can see how the children are getting on, and what gaps we need to fill. Overall the children have done really well, which is great to see. Can we ask that you kindly continue to read with your child and practise your rainbow words as these really help with tie in within their learning. 

After this week we have one more week left before half term, so we hope everyone has a lovely weekend ready to finish off this half term on a high. 

From the Year 1 team