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C of E Primary School

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What a great week... 

Hello everyone, 

Hope you are all well. We have had another busy week in year 1, with the children completing lots of great work. We have had some assessments this week, which are to check where the children are at academically for this time of year. We must say how proud we are of them all! They all tried super hard, and we emphasised that they were to show off how brilliant they are, which they did! So a big well done to all the children in year 1! We also completed some more phonics assessments this week too, with the children showing their sound detective skills with finding real and alien words. We were really pleased with how they did, so another big well done! This is something we will continue to push!

Due to the tests we have had in class, some of our normal lessons have not gone ahead, but they have completed interesting learning around this. 

Maths this week has been focusing on their 5 in 10s with the children trying hard to complete their balanced equations for example 5 + 10 = 18 - ?. This is an area which some children continue to struggle in, so that is why it has once again been a focus. We have also been looking at partitioning numbers so breaking them up for example 63 would be 6 tens and 3 ones. 

English this week has been looking at poetry, with the children being shown different examples of poems. The children have tried to find the different features within a poem including rhyming couplets and have come up with their own which has been fun. They will be continuing with this next week. 

The afternoons this week have been busy, with our new topic being started which is Design Technology. We decided to make a focus on wildlife for their different DT projects this year, as we know how much the children love the world and the animals in it. The children designed and created their own bird feeders out of lego earlier in the week, and on Thursday they actually made a bird feeder, we hope you liked them! It would be lovely to see any photos of the bird feeders in your gardens. 

Once again a big well done to all the children who reached the goal of reading a minimum of five times this week and becoming superstar readers. We had 25 children this week which is fantastic! We really hope this continues and if possible we can get even higher! 

Letters have gone out today, telling you about our fun day coming up! We have organised for the Mini Monsters Creepy Crawly Roadshow to come to school on Wednesday 14th July. The children can come in non school uniform, but please try to get them to wear trainers and clothes where they can move about freely in, as we will be having lots of fun activities. More information is on the letter, any questions let us know. We are hoping the children will really enjoy this day! We are certainly looking forward to it! 

Not too many weeks left now.

Have a lovely weekend!

From the Year 1 team