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The final full week... 

Hello everyone, 

So this is the final full week, and what a blast it has been! The children absolutely loved our mini beasts’ day on Wednesday. They all got to see interesting mini beasts and even got to hold and touch some of them! They have said how much they loved and enjoyed the day, so we are super pleased. 

Alongside the mini beasts' day, we have been completing some good learning in class, with us focusing on money with the children in maths. The children have struggled with this, with most of them not knowing the different coins and what they stand for, so next year we will cover more on this. If during the holidays you get the chance to practise money that would be fantastic! 

English this week has been cut into two parts; the beginning of the week was focused on writing a set of instructions for how to build a bird feeder (based on their DT making the week before). The end of the week has been focused on word classes, which is where you know the difference between adjectives, verbs, adverbs and nouns. They are good at this and have completed some good work on it, although sometimes they do need reminders. 

During the summer we are going to be sending some packs home with phonics activities in, please can we ask that you try to practise their phonics with them when you can, as they will be tested on this in year 2, and we know how hard they have worked this year so want them to get the score they deserve. Also, as the children have done so well with their reading this year, we are setting a little summer reading challenge for them. Where they are each given a sheet, and they have written down the name of the book they have read in the box. For each row of squares they fill in, they will receive one raffle ticket when they return in September (where they win prizes). We are hoping this will help the children continue to want to read during the long break. 

As the end of the year gets closer, we would just like to say a big thank you, for all your support this year and how you have helped the children to settle in well. We hope next year will be less unsettled, and we will be able to enjoy a full proper year with them. Also thank you for any gifts we have received we are hugely grateful! 

Hope you all have a lovely summer break! 

See you in September

From the Year 1 team