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A recap of week beginning 22nd January and alerts for the week ahead in Year 1!

Apologies for a later than normal Year 1 blog post... Miss G was enjoying a delayed Christmas reunion with her close friends 'oop north'. Housepoint rewards for passwords will remain at 5 points regardless of which day you read as a result, but be sure to read on...!

Last week was, as always, a busy week! We were very fortunate to meet Sinita, a Hindu lady from our local community, who came in as part of the Homefield Faith Library event. Sadly we did not have as many visitors as anticipated (so if you have friends who practise different religions, please let Miss Battle know if they would be prepared to talk about their faith and life in Norfolk!). I have to say that I was knocked over by the mature and well-thought questions by the Year 1's!!!! They were very vocal and confident to ask Sinita questions in our Key Stage 1 workshop including things like, "How does your God help you?", "What is it like to be a Hindu?", "What's your God's name?" and "How did you start being a Hindu?". I am not sure I would even think of some of those ;)

Sinita kindly shared her bindis with us and shared knowledge of her culture as well as photos and artefacts. The children hung on her every word and we went back to Year 1 to watch "Lets Celebrate" and see Hindu celebrations in practise.  I am sure you will agree that we all look fabulous with our bindis- boys unfortunately received a Miss G equivalent! :D However, the boys did get to wear real Hindu bridal hats for men...WOW they did look dashing (Please see Mr Young's blog post for two handsome Year 1s!)

Year 1 embrace Hinduism!

Maths: We have heavily focused on subtraction this last week. This is something we have forgotten since Reception but have re-addressed this last week. Here is a link to a quirky but fun pirate song which helps us remember the vocabulary used in 'taking away':

Subtraction is somewhat harder so we have looked at making subtraction stories to help us understand. This could be because we can talk in many different ways about subtraction which are less obvious than addition. Here is a link to a visual resource we used as a basis to make up stories to match the take away equation: Please note: children often only hear about subtracting with food! Therefore we must all remember to highlight examples of subtraction in different contexts, e.g. getting off the bus, ice creams melting, candles being blown out etc.

This has led us to working on three different strategies for solving subtraction equations:

1) Counting back: 13-2= We would put "13" in our heads, hold up two fingers and count back ("12...11..."). Board games can be good for this as often children count the number they are on when they should start on the next number.

2) Counting on: 15-9=, so putting "9" in our heads and counting on until we reach 13 with our fingers.

3). We then applied subtraction to the number line. This time, we dot the biggest number on the number line (the number we are taking away from), and then 'jump backwards' the number we are taking away... Of course, that meant we had to re-visit Mummy Number Lines:

This time select "Level 1" on the 'taking away menu".

This week:

This week is "Assessment Week", so the 'quizzes' are back. We are much more resilient this time as we have encountered these before. We have also decided that we needed a "dance" for post-quiz happiness which we explored today!!!! So after half the class sat the Maths test paper, we all had a boogie to Pharrell Williams 'Happy'. We have decided to do this each time we complete a quiz...after all the world will not end if we get things wrong, but it is important that Mrs Simpkins and I know what each child can do or needs more help with! If you fancy a boogie, here is the link:

Class Assembly: Our fabulous (biased, no not me?!) class assembly is Thursday 1st February 10:15am sharp! Be there or be square! We hope to entertain, educate and inspire! It would be lovely to see as many of you as possible but we do understand work commitments!

Parents Evening: WOW, where did the time go? It is Parents Evening next week (already!). Sign-up sheets were put up today but don't worry, I still have lots of slots! It would be great to see you all and highly beneficial to your child for you to make an appointment. Please speak to me if there is not a convenient time slot and I shall try to work something out. And you shall require the word 'Cat Cafe' for those extra points! ;)

Class Trip: Details will soon be released about a school trip for next half term's history topic. We will be taking school staff as group leaders so sadly we do not need any volunteers. But if anyone has any artefacts/resources about the historic suspension bridge collapse in Great Vermouth, please come and speak to me!!!

I do believe that is all. Never fear, a website list will appear! I just need Hermonie's Time Turner and it shall be done!

Take care folks and see you tomorrow for another busy day.

All my best,

Miss G


PS: For a bit (more??) Miss G madness... a little pic to amuse ourselves with!