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As promised, a list of useful websites/ games/ apps for Year 1 learning

This is not an exhaustive list, but here are some that we use and enjoy in Year 1 (and some which may benefit you at home):


Phonics/ Reading:  Good for Phase 2 and 3 initial sounds.  Develops reading skills to the end of Phase 4 (where children learn consonant clusters such as bl- or -st) This supports Phase 5 phonics where children learn alternative spellings and pronunciations for graphemes: e.g. 'ai' can be /ay/ or /ai/ etc.      (how to pronounce sounds/ lip pattern for sounds)

SPaG: (Spelling and Grammar) (online homework site for SPaG homework- when set by teacher for your child).  singular or plural nouns


Maths:     (identifying numbers 11-20)              (identifying numbers 11-20)    (practising counting on and counting back - to aid subtraction mental maths skills)    (using a number line to add or subtract two numbers)  (explore addition and subtraction with numbers within 10 and to 20,    ( to explore learning <, > and = symbols when comparing quantities)  (to explore and develop skills in equivalence and number sentences)               (interactive 100 square)           (counting in tens)


Maths Songs via You Tube:

(Please exercise caution with You Tube as although the song is appropriate, You Tube does contain things which are not suitable for our guys).         Counting in 2s            Counting in 5s            Counting in 10s              3D Shapes          Subtraction (Taking Away)- Pirate theme             Counting BACK from 20