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Find out all about Year 2 at Homefield Primary School.

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  • Family and Friendship indeed!

    Published 15/11/19, by Scarlett Everett

    Friendship, Pixie's mischief and Children in Need.

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  • Sparkling Poems!

    Published 08/11/19, by Scarlett Everett

    This week we wrote some Bonfire Night-inspired poems!

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  • Year 2 Superstars!

    Published 01/11/19, by Scarlett Everett

    We have absolutely worked our socks off this week!

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  • Word Wizards!

    Published 11/10/19, by Scarlett Everett

    What great vocabulry we have!

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  • Fire! Fire!

    Published 04/10/19, by Scarlett Everett

    We are Historians!

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  • Happy Harvest!

    Published 20/09/19, by Scarlett Everett

    We found out about Iwa Ji (The New Yam festival) celebrated in West Africa at Harvest time.

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  • Scientists in the Making!

    Published 13/09/19, by Scarlett Everett

    A fantastic first full week!

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  • New Beginnings

    Published 06/09/19, by Scarlett Everett
    Welcome to Year 2, an exciting new chapter in your Homefield life!
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  • Having a Blast!

    Published 12/07/19, by Scarlett Everett

    Sports Day and a trip to Great Yarmouth Fire Station! 

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  • Just Keep Swimming!

    Published 05/07/19, by Scarlett Everett

    What a wet week we've had!

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  • Investigations Galore!

    Published 28/06/19, by Scarlett Everett

    Tally Charts, Pictograms, Bar Charts and Testing Materials! What an inverstigative week we've had!

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  • Diaries and News Reports

    Published 14/06/19, by Scarlett Everett
    What another great week of learning! We learned so much about the Great Fire of London this week that we turned into news reporters and imagined we were on TV reporting to the public about what had happened! The children all did such a great job,
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